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Thoreau's Cabin

The Thoreau's Cabin Recreation project represents a remarkable fusion of historical inspiration and contemporary sustainable design. By leveraging panelized straw SIPS and other natural materials, we are creating an eco-friendly cabin that embodies Thoreau's principles of simplicity, self-reliance, and harmony with nature. Through this project, we strive to inspire and educate individuals about the possibilities of sustainable construction and the potential for living in harmony with the environment.


Materials used: Wood, Straw, natural Lime Plaster, earthen floor, 

Foundation system: Wood-framed floor joists in two-sections that can be split apart and lifted onto a truck. Structure to be placed on a compacted gravel pad.

Heating/Cooling systems: Passive heating + Cooling. Wood stove.

Sleeps: 1

# Beds/Baths: 1 / 1

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