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Ypsi Loft

The Ypsi Loft is designed for an amazing client with significant pre-existing knowledge about green building techniques, landscape design, and ecology. She even produced one of our renderings! The only missing part of the clients dream was the numerous community members needed to build a traditional straw bale home. Our goal is to help our clients achieve all the benefits of straw building by providing the wall system and working with them (and their friends and family) to guide the plastering and finish work to completion.


Materials used: Wood, Straw, Lime Plaster exterior, metal roof, recycled windows, hempcrete floor, earthen plaster finish.

Foundation system: Slab on Grade

Heating/Cooling systems: radiant heated floor, Mini-split

Sleeps: 4

# Beds/Baths: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

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